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Joint Replacement


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“The entire Orthopedic Team at Upper Bay Surgery Center, LLC is dedicated to restoring quality of life, one patient at a time, for those who suffer from joint pain.

Quality of life means something different for each individual. For many, it means spending time with family, enjoying a round of golf, a bicycle ride or the pleasure of a simple walk. For everyone, being able to move and walk without pain is an important part of living well. As we age, doing the things we love to do without pain often becomes a challenge.

Arthritis affects about 40 million Americans, or one in eight. Our orthopedic surgeons have seen the ways in which arthritis attacks joints and robs people of mobility and independence. Our dedicated experts have devoted their professional lives studying how to better combat the effects of arthritis. Through high quality compassionate care, research, and surgical advances, we can help revitalize your quality of life.

Our orthopedic surgeons have worked closely with the medical staff to develop an outpatient joint replacement program that shortens your post-operative stay, improves your quality of orthopedic care, and makes your entire experience more enjoyable. Bringing together our combined expertise, we have created a program that is unparalleled, with your satisfaction as our top priority. With an outpatient focus, we have an infection rate that is markedly less than that reported in large hospital inpatient settings.
Joint replacement surgery is the newest wave of outpatient procedures. A program design has been launched that focuses on the Partial Knee Arthroplasty (PKA), Anterior Supine Intermuscular Total Hip Replacement (ASI), and Less Invasive Microplasty Total Knee Replacement (TKR). This shift from being a hospital “inpatient” to an “outpatient” where recovery takes place out of the hospital and in your home has already happened for procedures such as major ligament reconstruction and rotator cuff repair. Refinement of surgical techniques, anesthesia protocols, and patient selection has enabled this transformation. Our outpatient Arthroplasty system is based on the clinical evidence from over 50,000 joint replacements and hundreds of research publications of patient outcomes.

This program can provide a major benefit to you and your family. Your education and participation are essential to ensuring you have an outstanding experience and the best possible outcome…so please read all of the information in the educational packet specific to your surgery. You’ll know what to expect, how to prepare, and learn important tips on how to recover well.

Our goal is to treat each person as if he/she was a family member. Our approach to innovation creates real solutions that empower each surgeon to deliver personalized care to each patient.

With comprehensive patient education and individually tailored care, our program is designed to provide the information, care, and support you need every step of the way to achieve your ideal experience.


Your Upper Bay Surgery Center Team”